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Have it the way you want it!
A lot of our entrees start as bases that are designed to be built upon.
On almost any entree, you can...
have a choice of brown/white rice
Add broccoli or toasted garlic for .50
chicken, tofu or king oyster & shiitake mushrooms for $2
beef for $2.50
Add avocados or free range hen eggs for $1.50
Add sashimi grade spicy tuna or smoked salmon for $3.50
Have it spicy, or extra spicy...
Watching carbs? Add veggies in place of rice for .50

Koriente Curry (A): $7
Gourmet vegetarian curry. Lighter and milder than the version you may know, with carrots, onions, potatoes, and button mushrooms on a bed of steamed rice.
Koriente Curry (B): $7.5
Our vegetarian curry with rice medallions on a bed or organic baby greens. Pictured with the chicken addition.
Garden Handroll: $8
Avocado, cucumber, Korean radish, red cabbage, red bell pepper and carrots. Wrap in dried seaweed paper and dip in soy wasabi sauce or balsamico. Add toppings like smoked salmon for $3.50 or Oyster/Shiitake mushrooms for $2.
Japchei: $7.5
A warm bowl of clear sweet potato noodles and an assortment of veggies: carrots, green cabbage, red cabbage, red bell peppers, and organic spring greens. Add chicken, beef, or tofu for $2, or avocados for $1.50.
Obake Bowl (A): $8
Your choice of beef, chicken, pan-seared tofu or shrimp sauteed with button mushrooms, broccoli and carrots. Served with steamed rice. (shrimp and beef versions are a $1 more)
Obake Bowl (B): $8.5
The Obake Bowl with rice medallions in place of rice and garnished with a handful of fresh baby greens.
Mixmix Bibimbap: $6.5
Steamed rice in a ring of fresh julienned veggies: carrots, cucumbers, cabbage, red cabbage, red bell peppers, and organic baby greens. Served with your choice of red pepper paste or mild wasabi soy sauce. Mix well and enjoy! Add beef, chicken or tofu for $2, avocado or free-range eggs for $1.50.
Rice Medallion Saute: $7.5
Sauteed green cabbage, mushrooms and rice cakes served on a bed of fresh spring greens and julienned green cabbage, and topped off with a pile of sweet potato noodles.
Shiitake Tofu: $8
a comforting vegan dish that's a savory blend of tofu, shiitake & button mushrooms in a miso-soy sauce served over a bed of spring greens, green cabbage and a side of rice.
Spicy Chicken: $8
bite sized cuts of teinder chicken in a delicious spicy marinade served with rice and steamed broccoli and carrots.
Teriyaki Chicken: $8
Tender boneless chicken marinated in homemade teriyaki sauce, served with rice and your choice of steamed broccoli & carrots.
Pan-Seared Ahi Tuna: $11
pan seared ahi tuna dusted with sea salt, black peper, and sesame seeds. served on a bed of spring greens and red bell peppers with a side of steamed rice and soy-wasabi dipping sauce. order rare/medium/well done. great with a side of avocado!
Miso Honey Glazed Mahi Mahi: $9.5
thick cuts of mahi mahi, perfectly sautéed in a miso-honey glaze, dusted with black pepper and ginger and served with spring greens, broccoli and a side of rice and a red onion relish.
Lemon Pepper Papaya Salad: $7.5
a Thai inspired green papaya salad on a bed of spring greens and carrots, with red onion relish and crushed serrano chili paste, topped with toasted garlic. Served with a side of rice. Squeeze a lemon on top and enjoy!

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